Power BI Consulting and

Data Engineering Experts

Digital Northland is your strategic partner for Power BI consulting and advanced data engineering solutions. Leveraging over fifteen years of experience, we transform raw data into visually compelling, actionable insights.

The Power of Data

Is your organisation capitalising on its data to the fullest? Are you maximising opportunities for growth and innovation? In an increasingly data-driven world, not leveraging data effectively means missed opportunities. Your data hides valuable insights - insights that can drive business growth, streamline operations, and foster innovation.

As experts in Power BI consulting and data engineering, we at Digital Northland can unlock those insights. Our tailored solutions ensure your data is not only understood but effectively communicated across your team. Transform your decision-making, accelerate growth, and gain a competitive edge with Digital Northland.

Who We Are

Based in New Zealand, Digital Northland has worked with clients in Australia, the USA, and China. Digital Northland thrives on its commitment to professional customer service and providing invaluable advice on IT, technology, software, and data management.

Our Core Expertise: Power BI Consulting

At the heart of our services, we offer top-tier Power BI consulting. We evaluate your existing data strategy, provide insights for improvement, and implement bespoke Power BI solutions that enable your business to visualise, analyse, and share crucial data across the organisation.

Comprehensive Data Engineering Services

In addition to our Power BI consulting, we offer a suite of data engineering services to further support your data-driven decisions:

Software Development

We create custom software solutions tailored to your business needs.

Data Analysis

We transform your raw data into actionable insights that inform business strategy.

Data Warehousing

Our team builds secure and scalable data storage solutions to safeguard your business's critical data.

ETL Processes

We facilitate efficient extract, transform, and load processes for data integration and transformation.

Partner with Digital Northland for a transparent, professional relationship where your data insights are prioritised. Let's turn your data into a powerful business asset.

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